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  • History of Aro

    Arochukwu is a small town located at the Southern end of Abia State in Nigeria. The Aros, as other Igbos, migrated from the Middle East to their present location in the then Eastern Nigeria. . You cannot mention Christopher Columbus who discovered America, without a short history of the Indians who owned the land. Also, in retrospect, the Aros came and won the land from the Read More
  • Branches

    The Aros, otherwise known as Umuchukwu (children of the supreme God and custodian of the Great Chukwu of Arochukwu –– Ibini Ukpabi) has twenty (20) branches worldwide Click Here to see the full list of Aro branches Read More
  • Traditional Music

    In the last edition of Aro News, precisely, the Ikeji edition ; Mazi E.K .O Ivi, a man I call, the encyclopedia of Aro history, fed us with a sumptuous meal on Aro traditional marriage and its steps. Read More
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